The foundational book of the Bible. The origins of human civilization. A roadmap for life.


Compiled by Rabbi Yanki Tauber
Designed by Baruch Gorkin

A new paradigm
for Torah learning

Journey Description

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This revolutionary edition of the first book of the Bible features a new foundational translation, an anthology of commentaries representing the full spectrum of Jewish learning through the ages, and an abundance of illustrations, maps, and infographics.

The entire body of Jewish teaching, encompassing hundreds of thousands of works over a period of 3,300 years, derives from the Torah. Never before has the English reader been given access to the full range of this wealth of moral, legal, philosophical, mystical, and psychological wisdom and guidance.

Fullness of experience

The 3,325 citations and readings that comprise the commentary are culled from more than 500 unique sources, representing every time-period and genre of Torah learning.


Key features


A new English translation that offers direct access to the core meaning of the biblical text, capturing the depth and versatility of the Hebrew original and its multiple meanings and evocations.


A biblical dictionary presenting alternate meanings and interpretations of the text by hundreds of biblical commentaries, affording the reader a view into the inner workings of biblical exegesis.


An anthology of commentaries that is true to the dictum that “there are seventy faces to the Torah,” as it represents the full spectrum of the classical expounders of Torah, and encompasses all the major ideas and perspectives in Judaism.


A plethora of charts, diagrams, maps, and illustrations elucidate complex ideas and structures in the narrative and the commentaries.


Midrashic texts appended to each Torah section enrich the reader’s experience and broaden their understanding of the biblical narrative.


The mystical teachings of Kabbalah and Hasidism, often called the “soul of Torah,” are well represented in the commentaries and overviews

Custom Hebrew fonts

The Venecia Hebrew font family was designed especially for Open Book Press. Venecia’s letterforms are classically inspired yet feel contemporary. It supports all the typographic complexities of the biblical Hebrew text, while possessing a maximum degree of legibility. Venecia Hebrew is a recipient of the coveted Type Director’s Club award.

Main edition

736 pages

size: 10.5" x 9.375" x 1.625"

ISBN: 9798985516807


BOXED SET edition

Main ed. 736 pp | Heb. 112 pp

size: 10.875" x 9.625" x 2.75"

ISBN: 9798985516821


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